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Datatag Boat System - Boat Security System

Many thousands of boats are stolen each year. The COMPASS electronic identification system is designed to act as both a deterrent against theft and as a powerful way to recover in the event of a theft.

The system is designed to be installed by the owner of the boat. Easy to install and yet effective, the system contains everything that is required and installation of the Datatag security technologies gives
your boat a unique “fingerprint” that can be established, by the police or the insurance industry, in a number of different ways. The unique identity is virtually impossible to remove, how ever hard a criminal may try.

All UK Police Forces have been equipped Free of Charge with thousands of special Datatag scanners that are specifically programmed to read the Datatag electronic transponders and help the Police to gain the upper hand and defeat criminals and their networks. The main benefits for the police, compared to other tagging systems, is that with this new system they are already equipped with the scanners to conduct a roadside check and they can contact the Datatag secure contact centre at any time day or night 365 days a year. The police can establish the boats true identity from the tamper evident registration number or the “electronic fingerprint” from the Datadot’s even if the boat has been modified or painted. All Datatag systems meet the “Secured by Design” standard, the Association of Chief PoliceOfficers preferred specification for security marking.

There are no annual fees when fitting COMPASS and when you come to sell your boat you’ll find that the COMPASS registration can be transferred to the new owner

Whats in the Box

  • Ultimate TE Warning Label
  • Transponder Self Adhesive Tag
  • Datadots Marks Components
  • Datatag Forensic DNA
  • Visible TE ID Numbers

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