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Digital Yacht Digital Deep Sea S1000 Smart AIS SART

IMO Compliant AIS SART with the latest technology, performance and great value

A SART (Search and rescue transponder) is a mandatory fi t for live saving apparatus on all vessels over 300GRT. Traditional technology used a radar type device, but new legislation allows an AIS SART to be used with associated performance and cost benefi ts. AIS SARTs positively identify the casualty and give a regular position update which can be graphically displayed on a Class A MKD, ECDIS or plotter. The S1000 is a fully IMO compliant and approved AIS SART (Wheel Marked) which once activated, will display a target on any Class A or B transponder system or on an AIS receiver. As such it greatly aids recovery of the casualty or liferaft.

SART alarms like our AIS Lifeguard are also activated by the signal from these devices. The S1000 utilises specialist VHF antenna technology to offer exceptional range (typically up to 10NM) and has a battery life of 96 hours under operation. It comes with a storage bag and bracket mount and has a 1m telescopic pole integrated so it can be used in a liferaft. The integrated 50 channel GPS offers a very fast time to fi rst fi x (typically under 40 seconds) and thereafter position information is transmitted 8 times per minute.

The SART shows as a SART target on any AIS system and a safety message (SART ACTIVE) is sent every 4 minutes. The S1000 SART also offers considerable safety benefi ts for leisure users and should be part of any safety pack for coastal or ocean sailing.

 Key Features

  • Full IMO Compliant, Wheel Marked AIS SART
  • 50 channel GPS receiver built in
  • Specialist VHF antenna technology for superior performance
  • LED indications for test and activation
  • When activated transmits position 8 times per minute
  • 96 hour battery life
  • Sends SART ACTIVE safety message every 4 minutes
  • Easy to change, low cost battery replacement

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