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Echomax EM305PE Radar Reflector - 12 Inch

Suitable for medium to large size vessels. Polyethylene case. The EM305PE has been successfully tested by QinetiQ to ISO 8729-1999, and meets RORC,ORC,ISAF 2012/13 and WCC requirements of 10M2.

Following a year of sea trials the US Navy SubPac Division Hawaii have chosen the EM305 for enhanced visibility upon surfacing for their fleet of nuclear submarines. Echomax designed a new polyethylene case with peak performance of 62.9m² at an average of +1-3° at 10m² suitable for free suspension. Being 21.6% more effective than the glass fibre model.

Following tests and interests from the French Navy, recents tests have been carried out by QinetiQ for response to the Nato frequencies 8 - 18 Ghz (I and J band).

Key Features

  • Increased Radar Cross Section
  • Increased Heel Response & High S Band Response
  • Increased 360° Response Cycle
  • Polyethylene construction as chosen by the US Navy
  • Height : 720mm
  • Diameter : 338mm
  • Weight : 5kg
  • Fixings : 8mm
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    Category: radar, safety

    Type: radar reflector

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