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ECS Tannoy Ventilite 9" - Stainless Steel- Clear Centre

THE ECS VENTIDUCT SYSTEM is one of the original ventilation systems specifically designed for marine use and is still one of the best. With thousands of units installed on both commercial and pleasure craft throughout the world in the last 2 decades, the ECS ventiduct system is a proven, reliable product.
The high quality, robust units are simple to install and the heavy-duty motor and switch give 2-speed induction and exhaust. Used in conjunction with flexible ducting the ECS Ventiduct system will provide year-round ventilation to any part of the vessel.

Patented, attractive, low profile ventilator. You can stand on it, avoids snagging, nothing to corrode or jam. Safe maximum ventilation at all times, waterproof except when submerged. Can be mounted at any angle. All units are supplied with an insect screen.

9 inch (22.8cms) stainless steel VENTILITE. Polished stainless steel with transparent centre moulding.

the diameter aperture is 97mm

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