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Fell Marine Wireless Kill Cord Switch Kit - Generation 2 - Grey

An effective safety system that automatically shuts off the engine as soon as the xFOB transmitter gets submersed in at least 10 cm water or out of the xHUB receiver wireless range (12 m). With the MOB basepack you get an xHUB receiver to mount in your boat and an xFOB portable transmitter for the boater. You can also add 3 additional xFOB to your system (total of 4) if you have several users on your boat (kids, pets). Click the button on your xFOB and the engine can be started. If the xFOB is flat or out of the MOB wireless range, the engine can be started via the xHUB.
6 seconds after the MOB activation, the engine can be started again. If the xHUB isn’t connected to an engine, it will anyway give a sound signal should a fall over board occur. Wear your xFOB with the following accessories: - xBAND silicone wristband. - xTAG complete kit for carrying the xFOB on your belt or on your lifevest. - xTAG band for carrying the xFOB around your neck.
Universal installation on all engine brands. 12/24V compatibility. The xFOB CR2032 battery has up to 300 hours battery life when connected and can be easily replaced.

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