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Fixclip Lockable Clip Six Pack

FIXCLIP is a brand new and innovative lockable clip made for challenging and windy conditions, for example on your boat or on a construction site. With FIXCLIP's unique features we can now offer a clip that holds its grip even under the toughest conditions.

FIXCLIP patented dual knee-lock and self-locking friction arms provide unique grip-hold properties. FIXCLIP has no metal springs and therefore no problems with rust.

FIXCLIP keeps a firm grip on towels, clothes, tarpaulins, etc., even in strong winds. This offers new possibilities, for example airing/drying clothes and towels during a boat ride or on a balcony, without worrying over blown over clothes.

The flexible grip range of 5-32 mm enables a broad use of FIXCLIP - one size fits all.


  • Fixclip Six Pack

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