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Fortress Lightweight Aluminium Anchors - 8 Sizes


In test after test, from coast to coast and from around the world, no anchor in history has been called "The World's Best Anchor" by more boaters and respected marine experts than the Fortress, and for good reason.

Years of research & development, high-tech materials and manufacturing and thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality and value. Fortress weighs only half as much as heavier steel anchors and yet outperforms them all.

Why? Because the Fortress design does not depend upon weight to provide world class performance. All this adds up to great value in anchoring safety

Fortress anchors are precision-machined from a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum magnesium alloy, and are sharper and able to penetrate faster and deeper into most common sea bottoms than heavier, dull-edged traditional steel anchors which weigh 50% more or even greater.

In the US Navy tests, not only did the Fortress anchors out-perform much heavier steel anchors, they were also able to withstand pull loads that averaged over 200x their own weight ... and without incurring serious damage to the anchors, which was noted in the test report summary

Fortress anchors can be quickly disassembled for compact storage as a spare or storm anchor.

Fortress anchors let you choose between two shank / fluke angles to provide outstanding holding power in common sea bottoms – a 32° angle for sand, mud or clay, or a 45° angle for soft mud.

Fortress anchors offer a Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty. In the unlikely event of damaging an anchor part, Fortress will replace the damaged part for free. The only cost to the customer is for shipping & handling, which is nominal

Models and Sizing

  • Model FX7 : Weight 1.8kg (4.0lbs), Boat Size 5-8m (16-27ft) Dimensions : A : 610mm, B : 356mm, C : 483mm.
  • Model FX11 : Weight 3.2kg (7.0lbs), Boat Size 8-10m (28-32ft) Dimensions :  A : 686mm, B : 406mm, C : 559mm
  • Model FX16 : Weight 4.5kg (10.0lbs), Boat Size 10-12m (33-38ft) Dimensions : A : 787mm, B : 457mm, C : 635mm
  • Model FX23 : Weight 6.8kg (15.0lbs), Boat Size 12-14m (39-45ft) Dimensions : A : 914mm, B : 533mm, C : 737mm
  • Model FX37 : Weight 9.5kg (21.0lbs), Boat Size 14-15m (46-51ft) Dimensions : A : 1016mm, B : 610mm, C : 813mm
  • Model FX55 : Weight 14.4kg (32.0lbs), Boat Size 16-18m (52-58ft) Dimensions : A : 1168mm, B : 686mm, C : 980mm
  • Model FX85 : Weight 21.2kg (47.0lbs), Boat Size 18-21m (59-68ft) Dimensions : A : 1295mm, B : 762mm, C : 1041mm
  • Model FX125 : Weight 31.1kg (69lbs), Boat Size 21-46m (100-170ft), Dimensions : A : 1422mm, B : 838mm, C : 1143mm. 

Please note Anchors come flat packed

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