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Fuel Filter Funnels

This unique funnel filters out both water and particles in fuel. Dirt and water are unavoidable in stored fuel but you need not risk engine wear or failure because of wet or dirty fuel. 

Key Features

  • Filter out free water and solids to 0.1mm,
  • Eliminate contaminants that restrict flow, plug filters, & decrease energy
Four Models to choose from


  • Pro Dual Filter    Size 25cm x 22cm, Flow 45 L/min            use with standard fuel pump
  • Large                  Size  25cm x 21cm, Flow 19 L/min            ideal for small/midsize boats
  • Medium              Size  22cm x 14cm, Flow 13 L/min            jet skis and small vehicles
  • Small                  Size 15cm x 9cm, Flow 8 L/min                         where portability is key

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