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Silva 102B-H Compass

The 100 series front and top reading compasses have three yellow lubber lines and an apparent scale size of 100 mm. The two side view lubber lines at 45° offset allow easy reading and also allow for mounting the compass to one side of the steering position.

102B/H has a 100 mm capsule. The cradle is gimballed and a heeling angle scale is displayed on the front. The optional compensator is easy to fit in a holder under the detachable front.

Key Features

  • Big digits -easy to read at distance
  • Wheelmark / Lifeboat approved
  • Top quality/accuracy relation
  • Big full cover
  • Template matches Contest 101 and 100
  • All UV resistant materials
  • Capsule filled with UV resistant liquid
  • No transparent capsule – eliminates burn effect
  • Two axis gimballs
  • Heeling scale
  • Edge scale with big digits
  • Two lubber lines at 45° – allows for reading from the rail
  • Built-in red illumination – for best contrast at night
  • 102B/H is equipped with a heeling angle scale and illumination

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Category: above deck

Type: compass

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