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Guardian Lightweight Aluminium Anchors - 6 Sizes

Lightweight Anchors don't get any better than this. From the same stable as the World Famous Fortress family you won't get a better anchor with the same holding power at this weight anywhere else.

Benefiting from years of Fortress anchor research & development, Guardian offers excellent quality, performance and economy. Guardian is made from the same high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminium magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision as Fortress.

The use of slightly smaller extrusion profiles and the elimination of some of Fortess' extra features, such as anodising, adjustable fluke angles and several machining steps has resulted in a very affordable alternative to those heavy, rust-prone steel anchors.

Models and Sizing.

  • Model G7 : Weight 1.8kg (4.0lbs), Boat Size 5-7m (17-22ft) Dimensions :  A : 559mm, B : 279mm, C : 457mm
  • Model G11 : Weight 2.7kg (6.0lbs), Boat Size 7-8m (23-27ft) Dimensions : A :  635mm, B : 381mm, C : 508mm
  • Model G16 : Weight 3.2kg (7.0lbs), Boat Size 8-10m (28-33ft) Dimensions : A : 737mm, B : 432mm, C : 584mm
  • Model G23 : Weight 5.9kg (13.0lbs), Boat Size 10-12m (34-41ft) Dimensions : A : 838mm, B : 483mm, C : 686mm
  • Model G37 : Weight 8.1kg (18.0lbs), Boat Size 12-14m (42-47ft) Dimensions : A : 965mm, B : 559mm, C : 787mm
  • Model G55 : Weight 13.1kg (29.0lbs), Boat Size 14-16m (48-53ft) Dimensions : A : 1092mm, B : 635mm, C : 889mm

Please note Anchors come flat packed


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