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Guernsey Sweaters Pure British Wool - Ecru & Navy - UK Made

Who hasn't heard of Guernsey Sweaters, and now making a revival for people who are fleeced out.

Guernsey sweaters, also well known as fisherman's sweaters, have been around for over 400 years. They were tightly knitted so they offered excellent insulation as well as wind and water resistance. 
Designed and crafted to last, the sweaters had the same patterns on the front and back so if part of the sweater saw excessive wear, particularly on the elbows; it could simply be worn the other way round. 

Today this hardwearing style, made from 100% British wool, and using traditional textured patterns, is still very much in demand and features the same patterns on the front and back; true to the original designs. 

Cut with practicality in mind it is comfortable to wear allowing for good ease of movement with side vents and finished with a smart crew neck. 
Proudly made in the UK
Sizes & Colours
  • Small: Chest 40" / 100cm Ecru
  • Medium: Chest 42" / 105cm
  • Large: Chest 44" / 110cm Ecru
  • XL: Chest 46" / 115cm Ecru
  • XXL: Chest 48-50" / 120-125cm Ecru
  • Small: Chest 40" / 100cm Navy
  • Medium: Chest 42" / 105cm Navy
  • Large: Chest 44" / 110cm Navy
  • XL: Chest 46" / 115cm Navy
  • XXL: Chest 48-50" / 120-125cm Navy


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