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Handy Dock with Long Telescopic Boat Hook 1.36m to 2.5m - In Stock

Quick Mooring and simple release on Mooring Buoy Eyes or Dock Rings make this an ideal product. Just tie your line onto the Handy Duck attach this to the Telescopic Pole. Then attach the Handy Duck onto the Eye/Ring by pulling it. To release a sharp tug is all that is required and the Mooring is complete. You can release it from the Eye/Ring by using the Boat Hook and inserting into the Trigger or if a distance away connect a light line to the Trigger. What could be simpler. You can also Padlock the Trigger Mechanism

Spare Handy Duck Head Only WW- MZ-41020

PS Oversized item see below

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Category: above deck, boat hooks

Type: boat hook

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