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Johnson Cartridge Bilge Pumps Heavy Duty : Models L500, L550, L650, L750 12 or 24V

With a variety of mounting options, capacities of 30 to 252 LPM and clip on optional automatic switch. Johnson Pump submersible pumps can handle most of the bilge pump applications. Heavy duty motors with stainless steel (SS2343) shaft and tough thermoplastic bodies provide for a long pump life. With the Johnson Pump automatic switch installed, the pump automatically comes on where there is water in the bilge and shuts off when it is dry. Submersible bilge pumps are not self-priming and must be installed in the deepest part of the bilge.

CE marked according to the following standards:
ISO8846: Small Craft - Electrical devices - protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gases ISO8849: Small Craft - Electrically operated bilge pumps
ISO10133: Small Craft - Electrical systems - extra low voltage DC installation



Bilge pump cleaning & maintenance no longer call for complete disassembly. You can now leave the pump casing attached to both the boat & the hoses - Johnson cartridge pumps can be removed for cleaning or replacement without the use of a single tool.


The cartridge pumps are manufactured in the United States and the new line encompasses four compact pumps, each for a different capacity need. All of them use remarkable little electricity for the amount of water they pump. Their improved, more efficient motors also provide increased service life, thanks in part to an ingenious solution which circulates the discharge water around the motor for cooling. Includes ‘T’ brackets for connecting Johnson automatic float. These pumps must not be run dry and are not self priming & must be installed in the deepest part of the bilge

he L650 & L750 incorporate some of the most advanced features in the industry, features developed from service in a wide variety of uses including racing, cruising, sport fishing, and demanding commercial duties.

For L500, L550 and L650, Johnson have improved the design with easy to install Dura-Port discharge ports to eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps. The pumps include a straight and a 90o smooth elbow Dura-Port & a removeable check valve

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  • Max Dia : 70mm
  • Max Height : 112mm
  • Shaft : SS2343
  • Wire Size : 0.75mm2
  • L500 12v
  • L550 12v
  • L650 12v
  • L650 24v
  • L750 12v
  • L750 24v


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