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Johnson Multiple Inlet Shower Sump Pump 12/24V DC

This compact unit incorporates easily removable pump and inlet filter for cleaning which are visible through clear lid. The shower sump turns on/off automatically and has multiple inlet ports for handling waste water from more than one point. Built in check valve stops water coming back. Suitable for showers, sinks, drains etc. For baths the lid requires extra sealing & venting.

Key Features

  • Includes the L650 Duo pump and a mesh filter for easy cleaning
  • Multiple inlet ports
  • Handles waste water from more than one tapping point
  • Tight fitting lid to mimimize splashing and odors
  • Check valve on outlet
  • Intake hoses: 
    1 x 3/4" 
    1 x 3/4" or 1 x 1" 
    1 x 1 1/8" or 1 x 1 1/2"
  • Discharge hose: 3/4"

Techy Bits

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