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Karver High Load & Low Friction Sheave Box - 5 Sizes - 2 Variants

KDsb Sheave boxes Our Sheave Boxes are manufactured in aluminium alloy (6000 series), hard anodised, and they enable main, staysail and ORC halyards to go through with minimum friction.


  • KDSB25 Sheave Box 65mm - Rope Max 12mm, Max Work Load 2.5 Ton, Breaking Load 5 Ton
  • KDSB40 Sheave Box 80mm - Rope Max 18mm, Max Work Load 4 Ton, Breaking Load 8 Ton
  • KDSB60 Sheave Box 100mm - Rope Max 24mm, Max Work Load 6 Ton, Breaking Load 12 Ton
  • KDSB100 Sheave Box 120mm - Rope Max 26mm, Max Work Load 10 Ton, Breaking Load 20 Ton
  • KDSB150 Sheave Box 150mm - Rope Max 28mm, Max Work Load 13 Ton, Breaking Load 30 Ton


  • KDSB25 Flat Pin
  • KDSB40 Flat Pin
  • KDSB60 Flat Pin
  • KDSB100 Flat Pin
  • KDSB150 Flat Pin
  • KDSB25 Round Pin
  • KDSB40 Round Pin
  • KDSB60 Round Pin
  • KDSB100 Round Pin
  • KDSB150 Round Pin

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