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Karver KF1 Furler -Boats up to 26 feet/8 metres

Whether you’re cruising or racing, Karver KF Furlers will make sail handling easier for you! Available or boats from 20 foot cruisers up to 150 foot super yachts. KF furlers feature Karver’s unique drum locking mechanism which operates from the safety of the cockpit.

This extremely lightweight product contains super low friction bearings specifically designed to increase performance. With a composite spool around the drum to protect the sail, the drum and the deck from impacts

Key Features

  • FURLING: Pull on the endless line to furl.( If one accidently releases the furling line the mechanism locks automatically).
  • UNFURLING: To unlock the drum, just tug a little on the line in the same direction as the sail was furled which releases the lock and enables the sail to unfurl


  • Quick fit mechanism to connect the cable to the furler swivel and drum.
  • The furler drum is provided with a snap shackle up to and including KF5.
  • HR shackle is standard on the swivel up to and including KF5.


  • Our new range is 35% lighter and more compact than the competition. Swivel light weight decreases impact on the mast when hoisting and lowering the sail.


  • Unlike metallic drums, the composite spool around the drum is shock absorbent and protects the drum, the sail and the deck from impacts.


  • KF range low friction bearings have been specifically designed for our furlers with high tech materials.
  • Furling has never been made easier.


  • Easy and quick engagement of the continuous line with no tools required.
  • Karver invented the concept where the endless line is installed within seconds and stays secured on the drum


  • The mechanism is reliable and installed with a fuse. If the maximum load is exceeded, the mechanism unlocks automatically. The drum then works like a traditional continuous line furler.
  • The locking mechanism can be removed at anytime if the lock is not required.

Why Choose a Karver Furler

  • The furler is a light and removable system to quickly launch the foresails on your sailboat.
  • The furled sail is easier to handle, and can be readily stored below out of the way.

  • The same furler can usually be used for several sail: gennakers, stormsails, staysails, etc and more recently on spinnakers.


  • S.W.L (Kg): 1500
  • Break Load (Kg): 3000
  • Weight (g): 497
  • Includes HR shackle and snap shackle

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