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Karver KJ Jammer - The Ultimate Jammer - 4 Models

A rope jammer that leaves the competition in it's wake. The jammer that wont give up.

Unlike traditional jammers that squeeze lines between 2 jaws, Karver KJ jammer secures the line evenly around its cover with 3 jaws

The conical KJ can be taken off it's base, which can then be bonded into a casing on the deck or in the mast.


  • See attached image

Key Features

  • Rope Holding: No slipping when under high load. No rope wear.
  • Performance: Up to 50% lighter than the competition. Up to 3 different rope diameters can be used on the same jammer
  • Special Features: Remote control possible. Easily integrated into the boat's structure. Easy maintenance.
  • Unique Concept: KJ jammer envelops the entire rope using the 3 jaws. Jaw surface area has been maximised to prevent rope wear. Unrivalled holding power
  • Operation: The trip line (above) makes it possible to release the rope up to a load of 200 kilos. Above 200 kg, the load must be released using a winch.The red line closes the jammer. These 2 operations can be carried out remotely
  • Installation: The conical jammer is held in place by one single screw in its base.The version ready for bonding into the boat is integrated into a conical socket. Keeping weight to a minimum.


  • Karver KJ Jammer KJ10
  • Karver KJ Jammer KJ15
  • Karver KJ Jammer KJ25
  • Karver KJ Jammer KJ50







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