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Kenyon Silken2 Cooktop Portrait- Touch Control (two 6 ½ inch) 240V - 2 Burner Hob

With more boats having their own built in Generators or a Ring Main when connected to Shore Power having a Mains Operated Hob makes a lot of sense. It also eliminates the need for another fuel ie gas and all the installation and safety issues.  With the build quality of Kenyon this is a product range well worth considering.

SilKEN® 2 with Precision Control (PC) and Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF) Available in Landscape and Portrait orientations, transform the way you cook on board! Combine induction cooktop technology with modern, high temperature silicone and you have the perfect blend of form and function. SilKEN® is a induction cooktop with a high temperature cooking grade silicone mat. Choose between temperature and power control and you are instantly cooking! The complete range of Kenyon induction cooktops have a special recess in the glass-top that allows the SilKEN® mats to remain flush and secure. 

NEW INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROL TECHNOLOGY A full-featured touch control system integrates the latest swipe technology with user-friendly features such as Precision Control (PC) and Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF). Precision Control allows you to select the power setting (1 – 16) best suited for the food being cooked or the temperature you desire (1500F – 4500F). Direct Temperature Feedback (DTF) is our patent pending system giving you the ability to cook by temperature and ti me. Simply adjust the control to the desired temperature setting, set the timer and your dish is cooked to the correct temperature and time.
NEW SILICONE MAT Covers the entire cooktop and can be easily removed for cleaning by placing in your sink or dishwasher. The patent pending integrated heat sensing disc (DTF) relays temperature feedback from the cooking vessel to the touch control system for accurate cooking.
MORE TOUCH CONTROL FEATURES The SilKEN® 2 incorporates two independent kitchen timers allowing you to ti me other activities in the kitchen or to ti me-cook with one and ti me an activity with the other. There is a control-lock feature, which allows you to lock the cooktop preventing small children from activating the cooktop. You can also switch from 0F to 0C with a simple touch of a butt on. The control also features a very unique "Load Sharing” feature that reduces the power of one cooking zone when the second cooking zone is being asked to produce full power. This limits the total power consumed by the SilKEN® 2 to a power manageable 20 amps at 120V


  • Overall 533.4mm x 304.8mm x 74.68mm
  • Cutout Dimensions: 508mm x 273.05mm with 6.4mm radius

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