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Kong Fixed Anchor Connector Stainless Steel

These polished stainless steel slim line fixed anchor connectors are designed to go over bow rollers and pass through hawspipes without snagging or hanging up, made from polished 316 stainless steel they are elegant and will give years of service.

Sizes & Dimensions

  • Chain 6 - 8mm, A 80mm, B 28mm, C 16mm, D 10mm, E 19.0mm, F 9mm, S.W.L 850kg
  • Chain 8 - 10 - 12mm, A 100mm, B 37MM, C 31mm, D 13mm, E 23.5mm, F 13mm, S.W.L 2000kg
  • Chain 12 - 14mm, A 125mm, B 55mm, C 33mm, D 18mm, E 28mm, F 17mm, S.W.L 3000kg

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