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Labcraft Scenelite (S16) LED Lighting 10-32V Black Casing

A safer clearer working environment for users - the light utilises 6 x 2.5W Power LED to create a powerful arc of light around the vehicle and has an IP68 rating offering maximum protection. Increased energy efficiency - the power draw of the new LED Scenelite is up to 50% less than standard halogen products. Increased product life - the life of the light is rated at 60,000 hours, which means that you eliminate the need for vehicles to be taken off the road for costly and time consuming bulb replacements. Significant cost savings - the overall cost of ownership of the LED version versus halogen is significantly less when you take into account the increased product life and energy savings. Easy installation - no expensive or time consuming modification to the body of vehicles is needed and the LED Scenelite is suitable for both new vehicle specification and retro fitting to existing fleet vehicles



  • 4 x brighter than halogen scene lights.
  • Creates a clear, safe working environment.
  • Up to 50% power saving 60,000 hours life.
  • IP68 rated.


  • Length: 310mm
  • Width: 82mm
  • Depth: 38mm


  • Scenelite Black Casing

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