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Lewmar Thruster Dual Joystick Panel - Upgrade Version

The Dual Joystick Thruster Controller allows for simultaneous control of both a bow and a stern thruster. It incorporate a variety of safety features; see below. 
This thruster controller is suitable for use with all TT Series thrusters except with the two smallest 110TT1.5 and 140TT2.0 thrusters. 

Lewmar's Thruster Control Panels are easy to install using a hole saw and Lewmar's simple cable connection system. These controllers are for use only with Lewmar thrusters, as the wiring is product specific. 
Panels are not illuminated at night, except during a use cycle. 

Key Features
  • Incorporate a safety lock and other safety features 
  • Incorporates a 1 second press-and-hold to activate "Safety Lock" device 
  • Auto-shutoff after 3 minutes of continuous use, or 15 minutes of inactivity 
  • A 1 second delay when switching prop directions to prevent motor damage

This original product has been discontinued if you order it you will get the New Model which incorporates 2 Small Blue Boxes.  It fits the same hole etc etc

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