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Magma LED Grill Light A10-141

High Intensity LED Light For Grilling

Additional light is always needed when grilling after the sun goes down.... The new Magma Grill Light is the perfect answer. Stylish in design, this light attaches directly to the grill’s lid handle for perfect illumination of the entire grilling surface. Its high temperature silicone cover is weatherproof, smoke proof, resistant to heat, easy to clean, while protecting the light and battery from the harsh marine environment. Manufactured for use with a single long-lasting 9 volt battery (included), the light features an easy to use push button on-off switch to operate the 6 high-intensity LED bulbs that give plenty of light intensity.

Key Features

  • Attaches to any Magma Hinged Lid Grill
  • 6 Individual High-Intensity LED Light Bulbs
  • Easy Use Push Button On-Off Switch
  • High Temperature Silicone Cover Protect Against Smoke, Heat and Water
  • Uses Long-Lasting 9 Volt Battery (Included)

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