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Mantus M2 Galvanised Anchor - 13 Sizes

Not just sales but excellent feedback tell us that the Mantus Range of Anchoring products are made to do the job. And the new Mantus M2 Anchor will carry on with this tradition. 

DIGS LIKE NO OTHER  M2 Mantus Anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. Expect the Mantus Anchor to set every time the first time!

EASY TO STORE  Whether you are a long range cruiser, racing or going out for a day sail. The Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space. A single bolts is used for the construction to facilitate easy dissassembly and storage.


  • Formed from high quality steel plate and high end precision casting.
  • ASTM certified bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety.
  • Although the bolt used in the assembly is load bearing, only a fraction of the load is transmitted to the bolt.
  • Stainless Steel anchors feature a 2205 Duplex shank and 316L stainless steel fluke. The surface is hardened by shot-peening and then electro-polished to provide maximum corrosion resistance.
  • In the carbon steel version every part of the anchor system is hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. (All shanks are HT ASTM 514 Steel and flukes are mild steel A36 equivalent).
  • Nose of the anchor is reinforced to guarantee a lifetime longevity.

DESIGNED FOR FIT Designed to fit boats with bow sprits and bow pulpits.

LIFETIME WARRANTY   *see Warranty section for details.

Mantus anchors are covered by a LIFETIME warranty. If at anytime you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact us for a replacement or refund. If an anchor becomes damaged we will ship a replacement part – shank, fluke or roll-bar. (Only exception is the galvanized coating on the anchors, it carries a 3 year warranty)

After the release of the Mantus M2 Model we often get the question: which one is better?  Both Anchors have an amazing setting and resetting ability and both are excellent choices for a primary anchor, but each has its own small specific advantages.  Both anchors roll over well in most bottom conditions and it is rare for a properly weighted anchor to end up upside down, nevertheless  M1 Anchor due to its rollbar is better at rolling over in a really soft silty bottom. The M2 anchor is less likely to get plugged up with muddy weeds, and without the need for the roll bar M2 is less bulky. Thus the M2 model provides a better fit for boats with bow pulpits with slotted anchor housing and bow sprits.



  • See attached image

Boat Size

  • See attached image


  • Mantus M2 Anchor 8lb/3.6kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 13lb/5.9kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 17lb/8kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 25lb/11.4kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 35lb/15.9kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 45lb/20.4kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 55lb/25kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 65lb/29.5kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 85lb/38.6kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 105lb/47.7kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 125lb/56.7kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 155lb/70kg
  • Mantus M2 Anchor 175lb/79.4kg



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