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Mastervolt Mac & Magic Converters

The voltage required for direct current (DC) can vary considerably onboard a yacht. A bowthruster or a winch often works at 24V, while navigation and communication equipment mostly requires 12V. By using a DC-DC converter, other voltages than applied in your basic system can be reached. They also ensure that all your onboard equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage.

The Magic models can regulate the voltage both up and down to ensure an optimal voltage stabilisation, even when the battery voltage fluctuates due to heavy loads. The galvanic isolation between input and output prevents disruptions to, for instance, communication equipment.

Key Features

  • An exceptionally effective use of the consumed input current (cos phi) > 0.98!
  • Faster charging of batteries, even with when the input current is limited.
  • Use of top quality components with a long lifespan.
  • Savings in weight and space.
  • Fewer installation materials.
  • Reliable and very stable DC supply.
  • For 12 and 24 V battery systems.
  • Parallel switching of multiple units for capacities of 40, 60 or more Amps.
  • Battery charger and dimmer function.
  • Adjustable output voltage.
  • Voltage stabilisation for a longer lifespan of halogen lights, etc.
  • Corrosion-proof aluminium casing.
  • Shock-proof.
  • Temperature-powered fan for cooling.
  • Generates limited heat, so installable almost anywhere.
  • Fully MasterBus compatible with a MasterBus Serial Interface

Techy Bits, Dimensions & Weights

  • See attached image


  • Mac 24/12-20
  • Magic 24/12-20
  • Magic 24/24-20
  • Magic 12/12-20
  • Magic 12/24-10

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