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Nawa Fender Baskets

Get fed up falling over those fenders well heres the solution. The most versatile fender storage solution on the market - stainless steel fender baskets fit tube/guard rail in any combination. Before ordering we recommend that customers with existing fenders measure them before buying fender baskets. The size depends on the inflation of the fenders and fenders can expand on a hot day.

Sold Singly. Image for illustration purpose only

Sizes and Dimensions

  • Size 1 : Length 423mm x Diameter 170mm
  • Size 2 : Length 423mm x Diameter 195mm
  • Size 3 : Length 423mm x Diameter 215mm
  • Size 4 : Length 423mm x Diameter 230mm
  • Size 5 : Length 550mm x Diameter 250mm
  • Size 6 : Length 550mm x Diameter 260mm
  • Size 7 : Length 580mm x Diameter 305mm 
  • Size 8 : Length 580mm x Diameter 360mm

Additional Products

  • Swivel Connector : WW-52402
  • Parallel Connector : WW-52403

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