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NOCO Genius 10 - 10amp Battery Charger

NOCO Smart technology battery chargers are one of the best range I have come across. Whatever your battery configuration NOCO have got a battery charger that will do the job.

NOCO Genius 10  - 10amp Battery Charger

Key Features

  • An integrated thermal sensor
  • Charges dead batteries.
  • Detects sulfation and automatically repairs battery damage.
  • Charge safely 24/7
  • Power supply mode.
  • Ultra compact Genius 10 Battery connector, clamps with integrated eyelets and mounting bracket.


  • Charging: Current: 10 Amp DC
  • Voltages: 6V, 12V
  • Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium
  • Types: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM,Lithium
  • Battery Capacity Range: 2Ah-230Ah
  • Maintenance: All Battery Sizes
  • Output Power: 150 Watts (Max)
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • 3- Year Limited Warranty


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