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Nuova Rade ZEFIRO Waste Water Tanks, Vertical - 2 Sizes

Nuova Rade waste water tanks are used for storing toilet waste water until being able to safely discard it. ZEFIRO line of vertical waste water tanks is made of odor-free high-density polyethylene material in brown color. Polyethylene material is used to prevent any waste odors. These tanks are designed with a gravity discharge technology that allows easier unloading of the tank without using a pump, when installation is carried out at more than 0.5 m above the waterline. Can be mounted on a bulkhead of the boat, saving space and time. The line consists of two models with capacity of 40L and 60L, complying with international standards and can safely hold waste water from toilets until they can be discarded safely. All contain 1 inlet and 2 outlets of Ø 38 mm - G 1 1/2” and one vent of Ø 25 mm - G 1 3/4”. They have an inspection hatch of Ø 127 mm, that can be removed for cleaning purposes. Contain a plate compatible with VDO standard senders and are compatible with diaphragm pumps and macerators (12 or 24V

Dimensions  see attached image


          ZEFIRO Waste Water Tanks 40L

          ZEFIRO Waste Water Tanks 60L                                                                             

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