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Para Drogue Sea Anchors & Lines

A Para Anchor is designed to provide sufficient power to hold  the bow of a vessel head to wind in the worst storm conditions.  It should be deployed from the bow of the vessel and greatly reduces the risk of broaching, capsizing or rolling, keeping the boat more comfortable and stable throughout the duration of the heavy weather.  

 Most importantly it allows the vessel to take the storm head on,  rather than running with it, which reduces the time spent in discomfort. A must have for any cruising yachtsman or long distance sailor.

Key Features:

  • Comes packaged in stowage & deployment bags
  • High density, brightly coloured nylon for high visibility in search and rescue situation
  • Fitted stainless sinking chain to help with safer deployment
  • Reinforced in areas of high load
  • Easy and safe retrieval using the specific retrieval line available
  • A range of sizes to fit vessels up to 30m

Para Anchor Models & Size Range

  • Coastal 9 : Multihull 9m, Mono Light 8m, Mono Heavy 6.5m
  • Global 12 : Multihull 10.5m, Mono Light 10m, Mono Heavy 9m
  • Tasman 15 : Multihull 12m, Mono Light 11m, Mono Heavy 10m
  • Bass Strait 18 : Multihull 14m, Mono Light 12m, Mono Heavy 11m
  • Pacific 20 : Multihull 15m, Mono Light 13m, Mono Heavy 12m
  • Southern 24 : Multihull 18m, Mono Light 17m, Mono Heavy 16m

Anchor Lines

Made from braided nylon with a thimble eye one end to allow easy attachment to the anchor

  • Coastal 8 / Global 12 : 16mm x 100m
  • Tasman / Bass Strait 18 : 18mm x 100m
  • Pacific 20 : 20mm x 100m
  • Southern 24 : 24mm x 100mm


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