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ProFurl NEX v2 Flying Sail Furlers with Spool and Ratchet- 5 Sizes

 The Flying-Sail Furler for Every Sailor

Discover the NEX, Profurl's new generation of continuous-line, flying-sail furlers, developed through Proful's know-how and R&D with input from some of today's greatest skippers to improve the performance of your yacht and ensure safe, optimum deployment of your flying sails.

The NEX flying-sail furler enables you to sail with the correct sail fully deployed, and since it is easy to change, you can have the best sail in any wind conditions. The NEX is made for every sailor, professional of amateur.
This model has a built in ratchet to stop the line undoing. It is fully automatic and you can adjust the tension. Pull the line hard and it will reverse the action
Benefits of NEX flying sail furlers
  • Improved performance
  • Allows use of the best suited sail to the sailing conditions
  • Optimal size and weight (e.g. maximum sail luff)
  • Ease of use and safety
  • Quick operations (rigged in seconds)
  • Enhanced safety: sail furled from cockpit
  • Reduced sails storage
  • Quick sail attachment device (I-Connect)
  • Quick line installation and removal (Quick Fit)

Types of sails

The flying-sail furler is designed to be used with light and heavy flying, asymmetrical sails, e.g. gennaker and code zero, between a beam reach and a broad reach.

Light sails
Gennaker, code zero, screacher, light or mulipurpose genoas, fisherman.

Heavy sails
Solent, reacher, staysail, storm jib

See attached image

  • NEX0.9 Ratchet
  • NEX1.5 Ratchet
  • NEX2.5 Ratchet
  • NEX2.5 Ratchet Speed
  • NEX4.0 Ratchet
  • NEX4.0 Ratchet Speed
  • NEX6.5 Ratchet
  • NEX8.0 Ratchet
  • NEX12.0 Ratchet