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puRO Reverse Osmosis Dockside Water Purifier - Fully Automatic - Control by Phone -NEW!!!

Having been in the industry for over 40 years, its great to come across a product that will help solve the problem of clean freshwater on tap forever. We all know with our busy lives how important time is, and cleaning boats without all that residue is a big bonus. Filling up those water tanks where ever you are, without ever having to worry about Marinas again. 

The other great thing is the ease of installation and use. If you are handy with the tools you can fit this in no time. No special tools required, just a connect up with plastic pipe and power, and in no time freshwater for cleaning or filling up the tanks is on tap. If not that handy the marina will be able to do it for you.

But the best feature is it is fully automatic, so no testing of water and temperature. Just press go and you are running, can be controlled from your phone. Even has it's own self maintenance programme.

Forget about the shammy

With puRO, water onboard is super clean so there are NO SPOTS!  Windows and stainless steel sparkle and shine after just a quick rinse, no wipe down required!  it is a true wash-down solution which will save time and provide better results.                                                                                                               

Wash your boat without soap

puRO water works like a liquid sponge, taking much more dirt and salt away than any other water.                                                                                 

​Ensure your boat lives a long life

puRO will protect your fresh-water auxiliary system from CALC deposits,  as well as your water heaters, ice machines, coffee machines, dishwashers etc. they all love it!

Protect your paint and varnish

With puRO paint and varnish will last longer and keep its shine for longer periods.     

100% safe to drink!

Save space on board and get rid of all those plastic bottles - it's better for you, better for your guests, and much better for the environment.             

A luxury vessel with luxury water

Allow your guests to enjoy pure water for all their needs.

The perfect water texture

puRO will ensure that you and your guests get to enjoy luxurious showers while onboard. 

Key Features

  • Robotic Valves:  Instead of the traditional two needle valve found in common Reverse Osmosis systems, puRO comprises two Robotic valves which eliminate the need for manual adjustments.
  • Compact Size: puRO is the smallest and most lightweight Reverse Osmosis system of its category. It can easily fit on the wall or in a small space
  • Self Maintenance: puRO has a self-maintenance procedure which, tracks on your regular use and runs membrane flash automatically according to your operation.

  • Simple Interface: With its 4.3" touch screen and Android app, it is the most comfortable way to monitor and control your Reverse Osmosis system. You can start and stop, change settings, and monitor the performance of your membranes.
  • Top Quality Materials: puRO is made and designed "in house" from scratch, we used only the best materials to ensure long life and durability: 316L marine grade stainless steel, Aviation grade Aluminum 6061-T6, Top Quality PolyCarbonate.
  • Maximum Optimization: puRO uses a complex algorithm to bring the system to maximum optimization. It has 8 different sensors which read the water cycle data (temperature, salinity, flow, pressure etc.) and will constantly adjust the system to maximize the lifetime and performance of the membranes
  • Dow Filmtec MembraneWe use nothing less than the best for our products which is why we chose DOW elite membranes as standard for our product. We want our customers to enjoy the best water with minimum running expenses.
  • We Monitor Your System: When puRO is connected to the WiFi something incredible happens! It sends us a detailed performance log after every operation so that we can monitor the machine for you! 

    If we recognize abnormal results we will contact you and lead you through the steps to take to get your puRO running smoothly once again. 

  • Scale Preventive Flashing: puRO Smart controller will active the Scale Preventive Flashing (SPF) feature every time there is a risk of scale growth on the membrane surface. this feature prolong the membrane lifetime dramatically by making short flashing to the membrane during its operation.

  • Run even when feed pressure is low: Many times when feed flow or pressure is limit, common systems shut off.Not with puRO! if low feed supply is found, puRO will automatically re-adjust its water cycles to allow the continue of the water production.
  • Very Quiet Operation: puRO is equipped with sound insulation layer under its stainless steel cover which promise very quiet operation.
  • Concentrate Recycling: puRO is extremely efficient when it comes to saving water, it uses recycling line that take some of the concentrate water and recycle them for another round of purification, in that way more water is saved, less water is drained out, this fact allow puro to reach up to 75% of recovery rate!


  • puRO is a 100% fully automatic water purification machine.                                                                 

  • Select the desired recovery rate and water quantity to produce. Then just press start!                                                                                                                                              

  • puRO is equipped with a smart controller which can read the system values (water, temperature, salinity, flow and, pressure). It then processes the information with its unique algorithm and adjusts its water circuits for maximum optimization of the membrane using its robotic valves. Currently, puRO is the only RO machine offering this!                                                                                                                                                  

  • puRO has many shut off protections and can recognize almost any issue related to its operation. It will display any issues in plain English on its screen - no more confusing blinking red lights!                                                                                                                          

  • puRO will recognize if the feed pressure is too low or the salinity is too high and adjust the system accordingly so it can work even with the roughest input feed water.                                                                                        

  • puRO has WiFi connectivity which allows the user to control and monitor it via any Android or iOS device. When connected to the WiFi we will also be sent a performance log after every operation so we can monitor the machine status for you and let you know when maintenance or any other action is needed.                                                                                                                                                                    

  • puRO is the smallest reverse osmosis system in the market and currently the only one which offers automated operation. 

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 1121mm
  • Width Max: 340mm
  • Height: 280mm
  • Also see attached image
  • Weight: 28kg

We are here to help. So any extra information required please call or email us.



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