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Rainman Watermaker System 230V - Naked - Compact or High Output - 2023 Model - With Water Gauge Fitted

For those amongst you who want to fit a Water Maker system that is easy to install and maintain then the Rainman Naked System may be for you. Having sold numerous Rainman portable systems with excellent customer feedback, there are customers who would like to install a permanent system. All the benefits of the portable system and very easy to maintain.

At long last a Water Maker company that has cut out all the jargon and brought us an easy to use both portable and installed system. Basically you decide what power unit you want and then how much output of water you require put those together and off you go, what could be simpler and if I can get my head around this then anybody can. Available in both electric and petrol formats. Easily portable or as a fixed application the Rainman Water Maker suits everybody's requirement.

A non complex system that is easy to operate and within minutes have fresh drinking water on stream. the system is simple, robust and designed for ease of use and maintenance. This fresh approach to desalination eliminates unnecessary componetary and electronics. Not only will the initial cost of a Rainman water maker for your boat be less than other systems, the simple design and high build quality means ongoing maintenance cost will be lower. With output ranging from 50 litres up to 140 litres there is a Rainman System to suit everybody.

If you are using the 230V - 50 HZ Pressure Supply Unit it requires a 2Kw Generator or more to operate it. The Honda 2 Kw is ideal. 

We have a good knowledge of these systems, not only with what would best suit your boat, but if you are going Extended Cruising or Round the World, what spares and accessories to take with you. Give us a call or email, i promise we don't bite.

We ship Worldwide so why not ask for a quote.

Comes with mounting brackets for both Pressure Supply Unit &  Reverse Osmosis Membranes

There are two systems available offering up to 70 & 140 litres respectively.

  • Rainman Naked Pressure Supply Unit 230V-50Hz with Compact Reverse Osmosis Membranes - 50 - 70 litres per hour
  • Rainman Naked Pressure Supply Unit 230V-50Hz with High Output Reverse Osmosis Membranes - 100 - 140 litres per hour

Image shown is Naked with Compact Re verse Osmosis Membranes - 50 - 70 litres per hour. 

Whats in the Box

  • Pressure Supply 230V Unit
  • Compact Reverse Osmosis Unit 
  • 5 x Pre Filters
  • 1 x Pickling Solution
  • Pipework & Mounting Brackets
  • Installation & Service Manual

Look at Rainman Autoflush & Control Panel for complete installation. See website

PS Still unsure please email or call us. I promise we don't bite.



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