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RUK Sport Sit On Kayak Trolley

Made from tough corrosion resistant anodised aluminium, the ruk sport light weight sit on kayak trolley has removable wheels for quick and easy storage and assembly. Designed to fit securely into the drain holes of sit on kayaks, fully adjustable with quick release clamps to fit holes 4 - 65 cm apart. A wide axel offers stability for large tandem kayaks, with big pnumatic wheels for extra ground clearence on rough terrain.

 Key Features

  • Folding for storage
  • A strong aluminium anodised tube construction
  • Fit into drain holes on all sit on kayaks
  • Quick clamp adjustment system
  • Removable 27cm wheels
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Max load 40kg
  • Silver anodised aluminum


  • Axle Width: 75cm
  • Support Width: 4 - 65cm
  • Support Length: 12cm
  • Height: 45cm

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