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Solas B Upgrade Bag ISO 9650

MCA regulations dictate that any vessel operating for hire and reward, commercial and charter with no more than 12 people are required to carry sufficient liferafts to SOLAS B/A level for all persons. Under MCA Codes of Practice boats operating in areas 2, 3 and 4 and no greater than 60 miles from a safe haven, i.e. protected area, require a liferaft conforming to ISO 9650 standards, and also a SOLAS B grab bag.

Whats in the Bag
  • 1 x MCA Approved Spare Sea Anchor & Line
  • 1 x SOLAS Approved CAT-C First Aid Kit
  • 1 x SOLAS Approved Inflatable Radar Reflector
  • 1 x MCA Approved Buoyant Orange Smoke Flare
  • 1 x SOLAS No 2 Table of Lifesaving Signals
  • SOLAS Approved Thermal Protective Aid . 20% of Number Rounded Up

Models & Weights

  • Grab Bag Solas B 4 person 6kg
  • Grab Bag Solas B 6 person 7kg
  • Grab Bag Solas B 8 person 8kg
  • Grab Bag Solas B 10 person 9kg 
  • Grab Bag Solas B 12 person 10kg

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