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Spinlock Sail-Sense Device Packaged Single

With new products coming out all the time, here at the Wetworks we are very choosy on what we offer our customers. This product we believe help big time and help you get the best from your sailing boat. Don't just take our word for it, purchase one and give it a try

With a growing desire to use data to enhance the performance & enjoyment of our sport, Sail-Sense is a revolutionary new sensor which helps you be smarter about your sail management.

Attaches permanently to the sail, measuring key performance data such as Hours of Use, UV, G-Force and Flogging (movement).

Creating a ‘passport’ for your sails, identifying make, model, construction date, dimensions and materials. Sail-Sense also allows a sail to be tracked, traced and located and a full history viewed in real time.

Sail-Sense links via Bluetooth with an App installed on a mobile, tablet, or PC to deliver powerful analytical and performance data. Each Sail-Sense identification code allows multiple sails to be managed through a single device and multiple users can manage a sail’s lifetime history.

Sewn to the sail either on construction or as an aftermarket purchase, Sail-Sense will wake up on movement, immediately logging hours of use, UV Exposure, G-Force and Flogging. 

Sail-Sense users will be able to log, record, review and export all of the data recorded by the Sail-Sense sensor attached to a sail. The Sail-Sense App will provide the interface between Sensor and Users, displaying in a simple clear format.

Key Features

  • Measures Hours in use, UV exposure, Flogging, Tack count & Location
  • See how, when and where a sail has been used
  • Negligible size and weight
  • Tamper Proof record of a sails lifetime history
  • Monitor the ‘health score’ & life of a sail
  • Real time asset management - Live Mode: Full time visibility of product usage and wear
  • App (iOS and Android) Sail-Sense users able to log, record and review and export all of the data recorded

Technical Details

  • Sewn attachment to the sail
  • Fitted during sail manufacture or added as an aftermarket accessory
  • 7.5 years battery hours depending on use
  • Fibre analysis of UV and motion undertaken by Southampton University


  • Deliver usage-based warranty and service agreements
  • Accurately record sail condition and monitor degradation
  • Optimise and streamline inventory management
  • Valuable training aid for crews and yacht operators



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