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Sterling Battery De-Sulphation Device

The Pro Pulse is designed to connect to a 12V battery bank. This unit reverse feeds a small electrical pulse back into the battery which prevents and also reverses sulphation on the battery plates.
By keeping the plates clean and free from sulphation the battery stays fresh and responsive to charging and discharging.
If you have been replacing batteries because they are not holding their charge then in most cases the battery is, in fact, in good condition except the plates are sulphated. Sulphation acts like a waterproof coating over the plates preventing the plate area effected being active and contributing to reduction in the battery cell performance. The solution is to remove this sulphation and expose the plate to the battery process again. The Pro Pulse should be fitted to any battery bank to ensure that sulphation is not only prevented but also reversed and so prolong the life and performance of the battery bank.
This device is not required if you have a Pro Digital battery charger or any other advanced Sterling charging product connected to your batteries as they have a de-sulphation cycle built into their software program.
This is not a battery charger and it cannot actually charge your batteries it is a de-sulphation device.

Key Features
  • Connects direct to battery
  • Reverse feeds high frequency pulse
  • Prolongs battery life by up to 100%
  • Sharpens battery response to accept faster charge
  • Suitable for use on all vehicles and boats
  • Off line current draw 0.0018A or 1.8mA
  • No external power source
  • Battery to blow sulphation off the plates
  • Rejuvenates older batteries
  • Preserves cold start performance
New waterproof IP68 model encapsulated

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