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Sterling Solar Regulator 12v 70w Max

Basic regulators This is a simple 2 amp regulator set at 13.8 V (x 2 for 24 V) single stage float charge regulator. The ideal use for this Type of regulator is, for example, if you had a motor home or a small boat on a swinging mooring and a small solar cell who’s only job was to keep the starter battery topped up when vehicle / boat is not in use, then this product is perfect, a low cost cell and low cost switching regulator will do

 Advantage: Very low cost.

 Suitable for Low cost cells where the objective is simply keeping a relatively inactive battery topped up (such as a starter battery) as opposed to contributing useful power into a system.

 Disadvantages: Will not maximise the harvest from a solar cell.


Simple to install. For 12 V operation use only a standard “12 V” solar cell, these tend to have a working voltage of 15-20 V and an open circuit voltage of up to 29 V. For 24 V please times these voltages by 2. The maximum current of the solar cells should not exceed 2 amps. One can use a larger solar cell if one wishes but the max current this Product will pass will be 2 amps ( 12 v 1 amp 24 v ). If the fitted cell is larger than this it will not cause a problem to the product, however, any current in excess of 2 amps will simply never be permitted to pass rendering the surplus wasted, please look at the larger range of solar cells if this is the case.

Techy Bits

  • Switcher Reg Continuous: !2v 2A
  • Max Solar Power Cell: 70W
  • Max Solar Cell Open Circuit: 30v


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