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SX Smart Tabs - Manual Trim Tabs

Get the best performance out of your Boat with these easy to fit Patented power free Trim Tabs. They adjust quiet simply with the Sea Conditions without the need for electric hardware and switches. Boat Handling and Speed improve remarkably even giving better Fuel economy. So just with a few tools you'll be on the water with improved everything, what have you got to loose.

Key Features / Techy Stuff

  • Self Adjusting
  • 5 Turning Adjustments for Maximum Performance
  • Up to 50% Less Bow Lift and 35% Lower on Plane Speed - Great for Tubing
  • Up to 11% better Fuel Economy
  • Smoother and Faster Acceleration
  • More Top Speed and No Porposing or Shine Walking
  • Improved Handling and Smoother ride in any water


  • Themo Mold Co Polymer Composite Material provides superior strength and resilience for any rough water situation. Rust and corrosion are also eliminated so there is no need for anodes.


  • Assembly & Mounting requires a drill, 3/16" bit and a Phillips screwdriver thats it.
  • The Integral design eliminates the need for wrenches.
  • All components lock together with self locking clevis pins.
  • Dimensions 33 x 28 x 13cm


  • Are readily available please contact us


Size 30 – Boat 12-15ft / 20-30HP
Size 40 – Boat 14-17ft / 40-80HP
Size 60 – Boat 15-19ft / 60-140HP
Size 70 – Boat 21-25ft / 150-190HP
Size 80 – Boat 16-20ft / 140-225HP
Size 90 – Boat 21-25ft / 200-250HP

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