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Vetus Gas Struts Stainless Steel

There are many applications on board where the assistance of a gas strut will reduce the effort required. For example, heavy deck hatches or locker doors. VETUS gas struts are specially designed for marine use. All external parts are made of stainless steel ( AISI 316 ) or synthetic materials and the special seals guarantee long service life. When fitted vertically, make sure that the piston rod is pointing downward.

These gas-filled cylinders are supplied complete with fixings. in order to calculate the maximum admissible weight

F=Force of the gas strut in N/m

G =Weight of the object to be lifted

W=Width of the object to be lifted in nm

The calculation goes as follows : Force in N/m = G x 1/2W over 1000

Example the weight ( G ) of a hatch is 11kg (=110 N) The width (W) of the hatch is 600mm. this means that:

110 x 300 over 1000 = 33 N/m is needed to hold the hatch open.

in the table we find that GASSP44 delivers 28.8 N/m which means that an additional 4,3N/m will have to be applied by the user.

In the case of 2 gas struts GASSP38, 18,9 x 2 =37,8 N/m is delivered by the struts. In this case the user will have to push the hatch down with a force of 4,8N/m

Techy Bits & Dimensions

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  • Gas Strut 25
  • Gas Strut 30
  • Gas Strut 38
  • Gas Strut 44
  • Gas Strut 51



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