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Vetus Sani Processor for Black and Grey Water. Models 12/24/120/230v

Particularly on larger boats, owners often wish to install deluxe sanitary ware of their preferred style and colour, just like at home. In order to fulfil this requirement, VETUS has developed the sani-processor, with an electric macerator and a pump, so that an ordinary domestic toilet may be used on board. 
The sani-processor can be easily connected to a standard toilet, by means of Ø 102 mm hose (with a minimum fall of 50 mm per metre). When the toilet is flushed, the sani-processor will collect the contents, macerate them and pump the resultant slurry into a holding tank or directly overboard, through a hose of only Ø 19 mm. The whole process takes between 10 and 30 seconds and works almost silently. In the unlikely event of a blockage, the unit can be easily cleaned by removing the inspection lid.
The connecting hoses must be odour-tight. We recommend the use of VETUS sanitary hose, type SAHOSE. ( see website)

Techy Bits & Dimensions 

  • See attached image
  • Weight : 4.8kg


  • Sani Processor 12v
  • Sani Processor 24v
  • Sani Processor 230v
  • Sani Processor 120v


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