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Dometic Waeco Cold Machine CU55 with VD-01 L-Shaped Evaporator Plate

Compressor and Evaporator plate in one box. Everything you need to turn your toolbox into a fridge/freezer. With this shaped plate you can have up to 100 litres with 50mm of PU insulation or 80 litres with 35mm PU insulation. Comes complete with tubing and self sealing valve couplings. Thermostat and features low voltage cut-off and reverse polarity protection integrated electronic control.
Key Features
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Air-cooled units in various body shapes
  • Choose from three evaporator types and one cold accumulator
  • Dynamically ventilated wire tube condenser
  • With corrosion-resistant stainless steel mounting plate
Techy Bits & Dimensions
  • Quality Features : Suitable for floor mounting, corrosion-resistant stainless steel mounting plate
  • Cooling capacities : 130 litres max. for normal refrigeration with direct evaporators, 100 litres max with cold accumulators
  • Voltage : 12/24V DC
  • Power Input : approx 35 to 40 W, depending on the evaporator type
  • System : Dynamically ventilated wire tube condenser. Electronic reverse pole protection. Fully hermetic compressor with control electronics and integrated low-voltage protection. Low voltage cut off. Self-sealing valve couplings
  • CU55 Compressor Dimensions : Width 220mm, Height 160mm, Depth 220mm Weight 6.5kg
  • VD-01 L-Evaporator Plate Dimensions : Width 300mm, Height 270mm, Depth 110mm Weight 1.5kg

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