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Waypoint ISO 9650-1 Commercial Liferaft Valise/Canister 4/6/8/10/12/14 Man

The Waypoint ISO 9650-1 Commercial is a European built, high quality liferaft, that complies fully with the strict ISO 9650-1 Group A regulations for < 24 hrs and also > 24 hrs. (with additional equipment)
It meets the MCA code of practice and complies with the equivalent requirements of other European countries.
It is fully tested to the ISO 9650-1 A specifications.

Key Features

  • The very strong body is built using an ISO 9650-3 approved, 6 oz. HT Nylon PU coated fabric, (Made in the UK), with twin independent large diameter tubes and independently inflated arch. A boarding ramp with a two step weighted ladder makes the entry easy under any weather conditions.
  • The Bright nylon orange self erecting canopy with a very large entrance, facilitates boarding and has plenty of Solas reflective tape strips on all of its sides. There is also an outlook window and air circulating window.
  • The above inflatable structure is stabilised by 4 large deep water ballast pockets of 75 litres each. (The ISO standard requires 60 l.) These large ballast pockets provide the best stability in all situations, when boarding and in rough seas.
  • The inflation system is Solas approved. (Exceeds the ISO standard requirements) 
  • It features a direct injection system with no hoses to kink, leak, or perish. 
  • All the sizes in our Commercial range will inflate to minus – 25 C. (The ISO standard test is for - 15 C).
  • The Solas approved interior and exterior lights are powered with a lithium battery and can be manually controlled once on board the liferaft.
  • Patented thermal Floor with air bubbles – best protection against hypothermia
  • The ISO Commercial liferaft is vacuum packed and has a 3 year service interval, where applicable.

Equipment included with the raft:

  • 1 x Rescue Quoit & 30 m. Line
  • 1 x Sea Anchor & 30 m. Line
  • 1 x Flo Orange Floating Safety Knife
  • 2 x Paddles
  • 1 x Bailer
  • 2 x Sponges
  • 1 x Pump (bellows)
  • 1 x Repair Kit
  • 1 x Whistle
  • 1 x Table of rescue signals
  • 1 x Heliograph (Signalling mirror)
  • 1 x Fishing Kit
  • 1 x Waterproof Solas Floating LED Torch, spare battery and bulb.
  • 3 x Red Hand Flares
  • 2 x Parachute Flares
  • 1 x Liferaft Manual with survival instructions
  • 6 x Anti Sea Sickness Tablets per Person
  • 2 litre water collection bag with tap
  • Graduated cup
  • 1 x Sea sickness bag per person

Models, Dimensions & Weights

  • 4 Man Commercial Valise: L640 x W440 x D240mm Weight 23.3kg
  • 6 Man Commercial Valise: L660 x W470 x D240mm Weight 26.0kg
  • 8 Man Commercial Valise: L700 x W500 x D270mm Weight 31.0kg
  • 10 Man Commercial Valise: L700 x W500 x D300mm Weight 34.5kg
  • 12 Man Commercial Valise: L740 x W520 x D320mm Weight 37.3kg
  • 4 Man Commercial Canister: L660 x W440 x D285mm Weight 27.3kg
  • 6 Man Commercial Canister: L670 x W470 x D290mm Weight 30.5kg
  • 8 Man Commercial Canister: L730 x W500 x D260mm Weight 37.0kg
  • 10 Man Commercial Canister: L730 x W500 x D315mm Weight 39.8kg
  • 12 Man Commercial Canister: L770 x W535 x D345mm Weight 44.2kg
  • 14 Man Commercial Canister: L880 x W575 x D370mm Weight 47.0kg P.O.A

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