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Wempe Admiral II Series Tide Clock 185mm - Chrome Case

This WEMPE tide clock is part of the revised ADMIRAL II Series and driven by a battery-powered quartz movement. The ship clock displays time with the help of Arabic numerals and is completed with the tide index. The rhythm of the tides can therefore be closely followed - a helpful instrument at sea and on land.

The WEMPE quartz ship clock ADMIRAL II with tide indexes is 185mm in diameter. The clock face is 125mm large and easy to read with Arabic numerals on a white clock face. The enclosure is offered to you in colourlessly lacquered or chrome plated brass and easily opens to the front for quick battery exchanges.

Instrument: Tide clock
Size of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Material: Brass Chrome Plated
Scale: Arabic numerals, Tide index
Design of clock face: White clock face with black numerals
Quartz clock - Battery: 1 x Lady 1.5 Volt (technological standard description IEC : LR1 - ANSI : N)
Quartz clock - Frequency: 32.768 KHz
Quartz clock - Range of operating temperature: +4°C to +50°C'
Quartz clock - Rate accuracy: DIN 8325 ≤ 1 sec. per day

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