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Wempe Unified Chronometer with Manufactory Calibre 5 - Chrome/Nickel Plated - Black Piano Case

This precise mechanical instruments has been handcrafted by WEMPE for more than 60 years. This construction achieved fame because the movement is supported atop just three pillars. This first-rate product proudly bears the distinction of being " MADE BY WEMPE".

An exclusive modern ship's chronometer with 56h power reserve - with transport box Case: mahogany, black, piano lacquer finish, movement case transparent Plexiglas, finely polished chromium-plated gimbals and bowl, transport box covered with black leather. Dial: silvered. Movm.: brass movement, spring detent escapement according to Thomas Earnshaw, heavy chronometer balance with 4 weights and 2 screws.

A blast from the past – this is a classic marine chronometer as it used to be. Chronometer makers Wempe in Hamburg have created a modern version of their traditional standard chronometer fitted with the famous handmade calibre 5 which is second to none in both appearance and technical specification. The case has a "piano black" high-gloss finish with matte nickel-plated brass inlays; the red mahogany and the mirror-polished chrome-plated brass parts make this instrument a perfectly honed work of art. And while any true lover of marine chronometers enjoys the ritual of locking the gimbal in position, removing the glass, turning the heavy case and finally gently removing the precious movement – would it not be wonderful to be able to have a quick look at the movement through a glass back, like the wearer of a wristwatch can? Here you can - this chronometer shows off its marvellous movement under a domed acrylic glass cap!

Techy Bits, Dimensions & Weights

  • Jewels: 12
  • Power Reserve: 56 Hours
  • Average Weekly Rate: Max. < 1 S/D
  • Operating Temperature Range: +4C to +36C
  • Case Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 210mm
  • Movement Dimeter: 80mm
  • Dial Diameter: 95mm
  • Weight: 4.5Kg


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