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Whale Double Stack Freshwater Pump - 12 or 24V - 5-6 or 7-8 Oulets

A complete freshwater pump system for up to 8 outlets. Very compact and fully tested. All you do is connect your pipework and power and your ready to go. 

Key Features

  • Fast installation - Pre-assembled system
  • Smooth even flow
  • Reduces noise and vibration by preventing pump cycling
  • Combined pumps and accumulator tank ensures a smooth flow of freshwater to multiple outlets
  • Uses system pressure to control pump activation and prevent pump cycling
  • A single pump activates when low flow rate is required
  • Both pumps activate only when high flow rate is required
  • Robust industrial grade external pressure switches are ignition protected and require no relays
  • Unique mounting bracket ensures compact footprint and includes vibration reducing mounting feet
  • Pre-assembled kit for fast installation - includes 2 integrated high performance pumps, 2 pressure switches, 2 strainers, accumulator tank, easy to install mounting bracket and plumbing connections
  • Can be fitted to new or existing systems

Specifications & Dimensions

  • See attached image


  • Double Stack Freshwater Pump 12V 5-6 Outlet
  • Double Stack Freshwater Pump 24V 5-6 Outlet
  • Double Stack Freshwater Pump 12V 7-8 Outlet
  • Double Stack Freshwater Pump 24V 7-8 Outlet


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