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Whale Electric Field Sensor Range -12/24V

The Electric Field Switch Sensor from Whale houses innovative electronic circuitry that automatically sensors water in the bilge and turns the electric pump off and on as needed.

Key Features
  • Electric field sensor automatically senses water levels and switches on the bilge pumps
  • Nylon material - withstands high temperatures
  • Automatically switches on when 51mm (2") of water is sensed and turns off when water drops below 13mm (1⁄2")
  • BE9006 model - built in 30 second off delay for efficient operation, prevents cycle in small sump installations or enables lower drain than 13mm (1/2”)
Techy Bits, Dimensions 
  • Voltage: 12v d.c or 24v d.c
  • Current: Suitable for up to 20 Amps
  • Residual Current: 0.008 Amp
  • Dimensions: See attached image
  • Electric Field Sensor
  • Electric Field Sensor with 30 second time delay


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