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Wichard 25mm Single Block with Fixed Eye & Becket - Plain or Ball Bearing

Wichard Single Block with Fixed Eye & Becket
Plain and Ball Bearing available.
Sheave Diameter 25mm rope size 6mm to 8mm
A large range of small Blocks for dinghies and catamaran application. They have a wide choice of fastenings and a load bearing stainless steel shaft.


Key Features

  • Complete range of plain bearing blocks
  • Modern design > Withstand high loads
  • Ideal for static operations
  • The sheave runs on the stainless steel bush
  • Light cheeks protecting the sheave
  • Wide choice of fastenings thanks to the universal head
  • The sheave can be removed for maintenance


  • For dinghies and catamarans applications: genoa sheets, boom vang, footmast block, masthead block…
  • For larger yachts: barber-hauler, cunnigham, various, control lines…


  • Grade 316L stainless steel head configuration
  • Grade 316L stainless steel load straps
  • Polycarbonate flanges
  • Composite saddle for cam models
  • Composite sheave
  •  See attached image
  • Wichard 25mm Single Block Fixed Eye & Becket Plain Bearing
  • Wichard 25mm Single Block Fixed Eye & Becket Ball Bearing

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