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Wichard Double Action Safety Hook - 3 Colours

Double action safety hooks feature the famous torsion spring developed by our engineers. They can be fitted using just one hand, and release when you press on the rear lever. There is a greatly reduced risk of them opening accidentally. The webbing or rope terminates in the moulded rubber eyelet. This product, which is both practical and offers good performance, was designed under the stringent requirements of European standard EN362 (for connectors).

Key Features

  • Forged double action safety hook
  • Integrates the famous torsion spring of Wichard
  • Single hand opening by pressing on the rear lever
  • No risk of accidental opening
  • Outstanding working and breaking loads
  • Safety on board
  • Grade 316L stainless steel
  • Eye in elastomer
  • Wichard tethers
    • Double Action Safety Hook Yellow
    • Double Action Safety Hook Blue
    • Double Action Safety Hook Fluorescent

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