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Wichard Double Folding Pad Eye - Three Sizes

The forging manufacturing process and material chosen give an outstanding mechanical resistance. They are 100% safe, highly resistant to corrosion and their design is suitable for all types of boats. The silicon pad delivered as standard protects the deck and reduces noise and vibrations.
Only Wichard padeyes are completely forged. They are 100% safe and highly resistant to corrosion
Key Features
  • Fastening points for tethers and lifelines
  • Fastening for blocks, biminitops, shrouds, various fastening applications.
  • The Wichard folding pad eyes are compliant with ISO 15085 Small craft - Man - overboard prevention and recovery.
  • In order to allow a correct closing of the harness hook, any hooking point (i.e pad eye) shall be inscribed within a circle of 15 mm diameter.
  • Each hooking point shall withstand, the following force : 360 Kg for a design category C boat - 600 Kg for a design category B & A boat.
  • For Jack-line attachment points
  • For any fastening/attachment application: shroud, stay, blocks, lifeline, jib tack point etc…
  • Each attachment point for jack-lines shall withstand, a 2000 Kg force applied in the direction of a line connecting them, and up to an angle of 30° from this direction.
  • Allows to attach several shrouds
Techy Bits, Dimensions & Weights
  • Working Load: Pad Eye 6mm-1440 Kg, Pad Eye 8mm-2720 Kg, Pad Eye 10mm-4560 Kg
  • Breaking Load: Pad Eye 6mm-2500 Kg, Pad Eye 8mm-5000 Kg, Pad Eye 10mm-8500 Kg
  • See attached images
  • Dimension A: Pad Eye 6mm-45mm, Pad Eye 8mm-59mm, Pad Eye 10mm-75mm
  • Dimension B: Pad Eye 6mm-27mm, Pad Eye 8mm-35mm, Pad Eye 10mm-45mm
  • Dimension C: Pad Eye 6mm-14mm, Pad Eye 8mm-17mm, Pad Eye 10mm-23mm
  • Dimension E: Pad Eye 6mm-90mm, Pad Eye 8mm-50mm, Pad Eye 10mm-65mm
  • Dimension F: Pad Eye 6mm-59mm, Pad Eye 8mm-50mm, Pad Eye 10mm-65mm
  • Dimension d: Pad Eye 6mm-6.4mm, Pad Eye 8mm-8.5mm, Pad Eye 10mm-10.5mm
  • Dimension D: Pad Eye 6mm-6mm, Pad Eye 8mm-8mm, Pad Eye 10mm-10mm
  • Weight: Pad Eye 6mm-126 gram, Pad Eye 8mm-80 gram, Pad Eye 10mm-174 gram
    • Double Pad Eye 6mm
    • Double Pad Eye 8mm
    • Double Pad Eye 10mm

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