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Wichard HR Stainless Steel Bow Shackles - All Sizes

Dropped Forged HR Bow Shackles

'HR' stands for High Resistance. The 17.4 PH stainless steel that these shackles are forged from offers very high level mechanical performance characteristics.

These models, which form an integral part of the fittings on large ocean-going monohulls and multihulls, are also widely used in the industrial sector.

Key Features

  • Bow shackle forged in HR 17.4 Ph stainless steel
  • High working and breaking loads
  • Designed to support high loads
  • Designed to be used on large ocean-going monohulls and multihulls or for high loads applications.
  • HR stainless steel 17.4 PH

Dimensions & Break Loads

  • See attached images

Sizes & Weights

  • HR Bow Shackle 8mm 0.068 kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 10mm 0.136 kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 12mm 0.224 kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 14mm 0.364 kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 16mm 0.526kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 20mm 1.011 kg
  • HR Bow Shackle 24mm 1.706 kg

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