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Wichard Safety Line Tether with Quick Opening Snap Shackle - 2 Sizes

Wichard harness lines, whether featuring standard or double action safety hooks,
comply with European standard CE EN 1095.
With the elastic models, which retract or stretch as needed to minimize the chances of snagging, allowing you maximum mobility on deck without compromising your safety.
ORC These new elastic harness lines comply with ORC regulations applicable to ocean racing.
Fitted with a quick opening snap shackle on the harness side, and an overload indicator.
Harness Lines with quick opening Snap Shackle benefits
  • Two models available
  • Are fitted with a quick opening snap shackle on the harness side
  • Include a safety overload indicator
  • Complies with the CE EN1095 Standard
The below pictures show the Safety Indicator as new and then used.
Once the safety indicator has blown the product has to be replaced.
Key Features
  • OSR tether with overload indicator (following OSR - ISAF recommendations)
  • Overload indicator
  • Safety on board
  • Compliant with EN 1095
  • Follows OSR - ISAF recommendations for offshore racing
  • Double action safety hook: grade 316 stainless steel
  • Polyamide webbing


  • Elastic harness tether. Retracts from 2 to 1 meter, with overload indicator, one double action safety hook and one quick opening snap shackle.
  • Elastic tether, 1 metre fixed line, the other retracts from 2 to 1 metre, with overload indicator, two double action safety hooks and one quick opening snap shackle.

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